Cell Towers In Mendham

Cell tower collapse falling ice mendham denial t-mobile

We have a 140ft cell tower.

Cell Tower 1 Daytop

Cell Tower 2 Conifer Driver Overturned

Cell Site 3 Sisters Of Charity Cupola

Cell tower 4 Shopping Center Appeal Overturned


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The first stage starting from the top down: T-Mobile, 2nd stage Verizon.

Each stage is 10ft.

The construct is of two 50ft sections jacked together... you will see the seam at 50ft.  The top accounts for the remaining 40ft.


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1. AT&T 3 Cell sites in the area Daytop,Sisters of Charity, Conifer Driver. Tri Bands 700/800/1900mhz 

2 Sprint 3 Cell Sites in the area Daytop, Sisters of Charity, Conifer Driver, , dual bands 800/1900mhz

3. Verizon 2 Cell sites in the area, Daytop, Conifer, Dual Bands 900/1900mhz

4. T-Mobile  2 Cell sites in the area, Daytop, Conifer, Dual Bands 1900mhz. TO MY KNOWLEDGE these folks have not rolled 700mhz into this area at this time.

Summary- ATT will have the best coverage. 700mhz penetrates buildings better, 1900 mhz fills in closer to the tower area. 

Verizon- they are 800 up and down RT24 and have 1900mhz.  They sold their 700mhz spectrum to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile only has/had 1900mhz, that is why they were so bad. Recently they purchased 700mhz. If they deploy it in this area they would make a good 2nd or 3rd choice.

Verizon and T-Mobile are to busy trying to land a tower @ Kings verse simply mounting antenna @ the sisters of charity. 





WHEN WILL T-MOBILE UPGRADE the Bell Tower @ Daytop?


2X the coverage 

4X in building coverage



700mhz 2x Coverage


1. The current Mendham Borough Area is covered there is-75 to -95 coverage throughout (800mhz) Models of Seamless Coverage

2. Verizon Drive Test shows seamless coverage   Verizon Drive Test for Mendham (Area Covered)

3. T-Mobile is now licensed for 700mhz in NEW JERSEY  See FCC License Search

4. T-Mobile explains to the FCC why 700mhz is superior and they need to scale this.  T-Mobile Describes to the FCC why 700mhz Provides more reliable and less expensive coverage (ref para 9)

 "In effect, use of both low-band and high-band frequencies produces a result that is greater than the sum of its parts" (pg 7).

"low-band spectrum in conjunction with midband spectrum improves network performance and reliability, expands coverage, and decreases capital and operating expenses" (pg 3)

"facilitates competition in tower selection should a particular tower owner seek excess rent because of their control of a highly desired location" (pg 22) 

"For the purpose of comparison, the network team then created a 700 MHz design intended to reduce the number of sites required while simultaneously improving the reliability  and availability of indoor coverage." (page  10)

"The overall conclusions of these detailed analyses have been that 700 MHz designs in such disparate markets as Miami, Fresno, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Houston, to name just a few, will achieve significant, perceptible, and impactful indoor coverage improvements while using only about XXXX of T -Mobile's current  WS site count, a substantial savings. In addition, for reasons discussed in greater detail below, this model also offers T -Mobile the ability to greatly expand the size of its overall footprint, bringing coverage to less populated rural areas outside the urban core. (page 12)



700 MHZ coming to NBW JERSEY. Agreements completed......FCC Grants LICENSE TO T-MOBILE for700mhz....t-mobile_700mhz_license.pdf


Method of how T-Mobile with share 700mhz with WNJN

 Agreement to share 700mhz in NJ with New Jersey Network,WNJN 


FCC Source of T-Mobile Statements See Attachments



 T-Mobile Describes to the FCC why 700mhz Provides more reliable and less expensive coverage

Document Authenticity and source: Presented to the FCC by T-Mobile:

Proceeding Number is 12-268

Search that found above:


700mhz coverage details

See FCC License Search

  • Proceeding Number is 12-268
  • Lawfirm Name contains 'hogan'
  • Date Posted is between 04/11/2014 and 05/30/2014




T-MOBILE finally acquires 700mhz  SPECTRUM....
700mhz propagates much further than the cheap 1900mhz spectrum. In Mendham We know T-MOBILE has not installed 4G service on the Daytop Tower. We know they did not explore Sisters of Charity. And we know that 800mhz covers the area, hands down. Now with 700mhz...T-Mobile will have no issue with coverage, leveraging existing sites....T-MOBILE 700MHZ EXPANSION
This Harding tower makes the current Mendham tower dropped call data Void !!!

 CELL TOWERS FALL LIKE TREES....pole_failure copy.pdf

What happened here?  Falling tower breaks at the seam
ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Strong winds knocked over a cell phone tower in South St. Louis
Wait What happened here Foundation Failure
Cell Tower Fire and collapse fire
Oswego Collapse Cell Tower Collapse
The providers will put engineers on as experts that will say monopoles have a collapse zone. This is totally FALSE. See the following document. This is true for wire guided tower NOT monopoles. Mono poles twist and sway and eventually crack at the base.  Gunnar-Olsen.pdf

Board of Adjustment of the Borough of Mendham held a public meeting on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at which time hearing action was taken on the following application:

The denial of the application of OMNIPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. and New York SMSA Limited Partnership d/b/a VERIZON WIRELESS for a use variance to allow a Wireless Telecommunications Facility at Block 801, Lot 20, Kings Shopping Center was memorialized.

The decision is on file and available for inspection in the Phoenix House, 2 West Main Street, Mendham, NJ from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Details of THE DENIAL 
The Briefs
NOTE: There are two factors at play here:
1. The Rear of the Shopping center is WETLANDS. It requires a permit from the DEP to build here. To date no permits or evaluations have been done.  DEP Search

2 ATT is purchasing T-Mobile. If this is done then the need goes away 100%. AT&T is using 850 and 1900mhz. See Documents below.
3. The rear of the property is leased to a country club. The Club owner I would suspect would have to give permission and  would receive the revenue stream. Or the property owner would  discount the lease to support the lose of business having a cell tower right over a pool.
The Denial on Appeal
 Current AT&T and Verizon Models
 T-MOBILE to be purchased by AT&T. This makes all T-Mobiles claims irrelevant
AT&T 800mhz is the primary frequency in this area and is articulated by AT&T Documents
57.       As noted above, the majority of T-Mobile USA’s GSM subscribers have handsets
that will work on AT&T’s GSM network.  Immediately after closing, and even before the two
networks are fully integrated, we expect T-Mobile USA subscribers in certain areas will be able
to benefit from having access to both networks.  In these areas, access to AT&T’s GSM network,
including its low band 850 MHz cellular spectrum, will provide T-Mobile USA subscribers with
improved coverage, including superior in-building service and coverage compared to T-Mobile
USA’s existing GSM network.  Additional gains also can be expected by deploying 850 MHz
spectrum to the complementary T-Mobile USA sites on the integrated network grid
See the documents for yourself right on the FCC webste
 Further, because most T-Mobile USA GSM customers have handsets that will work on
AT&T’s GSM network, AT&T expects that, immediately after closing, T-Mobile USA’s
customers in certain areas will benefit from their ability to access both networks.  Hogg Decl.
¶ 57.  In these areas and elsewhere once the networks are integrated, T-Mobile USA’s GSM
customers will enjoy improved coverage, including superior in-building and in-home service,
because of the denser grid and access to 850 MHz spectrum.  Id.  As T-Mobile USA’s UMTS
subscribers migrate to the AT&T network, they too will benefit from better in-building
penetration and broader coverage—indeed, more than double the geographic coverage for UMTS
they have today.  Id. 58.  These are key benefits:
Additional AT&T Documents on the merger and 850/1900 mhz
DEC 6th 2005 meeting minutes
 AT&T has stated that 850mhz will meet their coverage objective. 850willmeet.wma
The Boards own Experts says they have a choice if 850mhz fills the gap eisenstein.wma
T-Mobile clearly says DAS is in their deployment models. t-mobile-chief-technology-officer-DAS.pdf

Unique Camouflaged Cell Towers in Mendham (Acceptable)

Cupola of building ATT -

9 antenna 1900mhz/850mhz and 700mhz (dual panel) Assumption College For Sisters Mendham

 Bell Tower at Daytop (AT&T / T-Mobile / Verizon / Nextel)

      1900mhz and 850 mhz. NO 700mhz antenna. Daytop - Mendham

ATT-Installs 700mhz antenna...without the need for variances....Board of Adjustment Meeting.







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