Cell Towers In Mendham

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Where are we....

The facts are clear. T-Mobile is planning to finally upgrade their out-dated network.

Network Upgrade

Press release from T-Mobile Press release


T-Mobile has started a Network modernization and their deployment of long term evolution (LTE) service in 2013

As part of the agreements, Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks will provide and install state of the art, Release 10 capable equipment at 37,000 cell sites across T-Mobile’s 4G network, increasing signal quality and enhancing performance beginning in 2012.

 T-Mobile also expects to be the first carrier in North America to broadly deploy antenna integrated radios, enabling accelerated deployment and reduced site loading.

Why are AIR antenna so important? What is missing with AIR? COAX cables.....Less weight more gain...

 See a problem here? Note, there are no modern antenna mounted on Daytop? So whats up with that? I bet if you mounted antenna on an existing tower you would get coverage.

I am confused, why don't the models on line say "Reliable Service?" They say "Excellent", "Very Strong". "Good" . "Satisfactory". How does these correlate to the the model provided at the hearing?

Daytop is now owned an operated by Crown Castle. Most likely the reason why these antenna are not upgraded. Crown Castle has significant costs associated to change and tower modification. It is speculated that the Kings site was an alternative to making these modifications. With the Kings site, if erected, would circumvent paying fees to crown castle and with Verizon as a tenant pay for the monthly site costs. Ultimately, improving T-Mobile coverage at no cost. WHAT A JOKE !!!!

 Crown-Castle T-Mobile Agreement